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ACA Adobe Visual Communication using Photoshop CS5 Multimatics

Program Description
Adobe has built course materials focused on career areas in Web Design, Visual and Print Design, Digital Video, Graphic Design & Illustration and Print Media Publication.

This program provides the foundational skills that will enable the participants to communicate effectively using digital media tools. One of this tools is the used of Adobe Photoshop CS 5 the world’s most advanced image editing application. It is used worldwide by photographers and designers who want to perfect their digital images. Photoshop is a bitmap image editing program that allows participants to retouch any pixel based graphics such as digital photographs. Participants will learn and work-out Photoshop using print, web, or the video workflow.

Program Objectives
At the end of the program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the concepts and operations involving computer graphics.
  • Explore fundamental to advance features of Adobe Photoshop CS 5.
  • Set the project requirements on this program.
  • Design and develop computer graphics arts work after understanding the types of computer graphics.
  • Identify design Elements in preparing images
  • Understand, manipulate and be able to publish images using Adobe Photoshop CS 5

Target Audience
Photographic artist, advertising designer, photojournalist, news and media production personnel, new media (Internet, Social, Mobile), and video enthusiast.


  • Participant would have a minimum of 3 years’ experience using Adobe Photoshop in a digital imaging/design environment.
  • Participants may be responsible for digital asset management, production, and execution of projects.
  • Participants should also be familiar with Adobe Photoshop CS 5.
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