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RETRO: Whiteboard Animation Based on Digital Learning Material SEAMOLEC

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The online training requires independence participants, who will be able to follow the entire material in SEAMOLEC website Participants will be assisted by mentors who will help to solve problems during the online training process.

A Course is designed for everyone who wants to develop digital learning materials. Upon completion, the participants will have skill competency in developing whiteboard animation. This animation will grab attention and impress your audience. An Application that will use to develop the whiteboard animation is sparkol video scribe. The participants of program will be able to create videos straight from their computer/laptop. You can easily have a hand (that you can choose) draw each word or image as you're saying them in a voiceover.

The achievement indicators of the online training on Whiteboard Animation are:

  1. Able to explain the concept of whiteboard animation;
  2. Able to determine learning topic;
  3. Able to develop storyline planning;
  4. Able to prepare a visual asset topic lesson;
  5. Able to use whiteboard animation program feature;
  6. Able to compose an animation based on planning;
  7. Able to publish video animation.

  1. Course Number

  2. Classes Start

    Jan 01, 2017
  3. Classes End

    Dec 11, 2017