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English Storytelling for Entrepreneurs SEAMOLEC

Storytelling is the art in which a teller conveys a message, truths, information, or knowledge to an audience in an entertaining way, using whatever skills, (musical, artistic, creative) or props he chooses, to enhance the audience’s enjoyment, retention and understanding of the message conveyed. Stories are sometimes told purely for joy and delight. It can be applied in various domains to leave memorable impressions, such as entertainment, education or marketing in entrepreneurship. 

In entrepreneurship, storytelling can be effective to communicate personal branding and be a means of marketing for your product/services. The goal of the course is to provide a practical effective communications. Students will learn to apply it in their own lives and environment through a series of exercises. The course emphasizes in the ability to explore various topics and the practice in speaking, where personal storytelling skills are expected to be developed along the course.

            Aline Almandha

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    Dec 09, 2018