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Provide a Lost and Found Facility SEAMOLEC

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Introduction to Unit Provide a Lost and Found Facility

This unit deals with skills and knowledge required to manage lost property in an accommodation facility.

The elements and Performance Criteria of this unit are:

1. Establish lost and found facility
1.1 Name properties that may have a lost and found facility
1.2 Identify appropriate location for lost and found facility
1.3 Develop in-house lost and found policies and procedures
1.4 Identify the legal requirements that apply to lost and found items
1.5 Communicate the location and function of the lost and found facility to guests and staff
1.6 Establish lost and found register

2. Deal with lost and found items
2.1 Check items for safety and legality and take appropriate action
2.2 Record found items in lost and found register
2.3 Record items reported lost in lost and found register
2.4 Tag the found item
2.5 Store the found item appropriately
2.6 Notify owner, if known
2.7 Notify internal establishment staff to facilitate return of found item to owner.

3. Deal with claims for lost items
3.1 Assist claimant to identify lost property
3.2 Verify ownership of property claimed
3.3 Obtain identification from owner
3.4 Complete lost and found register
3.4 Assist claimants who contact the establishment from another country, or distant area, to claim lost item.

4. Deal with unclaimed items
4.1 Comply with establishment policies
4.2 Comply with legal obligations
4.3 Remove items from storage and complete lost and found register to record movement and disposal of items

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