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Biology and The Usefullness of SEAWEED

Course Info

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Tentang Kursus

Ikuti MOOC Lecture about Biology and Usefull of SEAWEED (Gratis) oleh alumni DAAD sebagai sumbangsih SEAMEO ke masyarakat Asia Tenggara.

Method : WebEx and MOOC.
Date : 30 Jun 2016.
Time (Duration) : 2 pm (60 min).
Max Participants Number : 100.
Title : Biology of Seaweed and Their Usefulness.
Part 1: Introduction of Seaweed.
Description/Course Info : - The introduction of algae and other marine plants.
- Differences of algae and other plants in the shallow waters.
Lecturer : Dr. rer.nat. A.B. Susanto, M.Sc.
Participants : Minimum Senior High School’s Student.
Participants Requirements : Minimum from XI grade’s Student.
Criteria of pass (if any) :

Having IT Skill is preferable.

link pendaftaran video conference :

Info :

Kursus online akan dimulai pada tanggal 30 juni 2016 jam 14.00-16.00.

Link video conference akan dikirim ke email anda pada tanggal 30 juni 2016.

Course Instructure

Course Staff Image #1
Lecturer : Lecturer : Dr. rer.nat. A.B. Susanto, M.Sc.
HP : 0812 2240 1237 (WA).
Deputy Directure Admin/Finance of SEAMEC-SEAMOLEC.
Email :
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    Jun 30, 2016