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Dr. Vorasuang (Michael) Duangchinda

Director, Office of Online Education (OOE)

Sripatum University (SPU), Bangkok, Thailand

The Thai ACU Member Institute



Educator 1.0:

    • Those only teach without technology, and never listen to your students

Educator 2.0:

    • Those who use basic technology to assist own teaching (still one-way)

Educator 3.0:

    • Those adequately apply Technology Enhanced Learning and relevant process of active learning,
      likely they can flip their class here

Educator 4.0:

    • Those who have passed level 3.0, and really utilize Open Source for teaching & learning

Educator 5.0:

    • Those who have passed level 4.0, and be ready for the era of Machine Learning (AI) in teaching.
      It's the time that machines teach with high level of effectiveness and students prefer them over than us.
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